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About Us

Backed by more than 40 years of experience, Murphy's Wallbed Solutions offers truly elegant additions to your home. We believe in providing our clients with top-quality wall beds customized specifically to meet their needs. Most Murphy beds available online are made in China or South Korea and use flimsy particle board. All of our Murphy beds are made right here in the United States using only high-quality, solid wood.

A Short History of Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are named after William Lawrence Murphy (1876-1959), who was the first to apply for a patent on the system around 1900. He lived in a one-room apartment in San Francisco and wanted to be able to invite friends over—especially a certain opera singer. But being the gentleman he was, he wouldn't invite a woman into his bedroom. Since he only had one room, the bed took most of the space of the room.

In order to be able to turn his room into a living room, he had a blacksmith help him mount a mechanism that would make it possible to flip the bed into a closet. This way he was able to hide the bed and turn the bedroom into a living room. The trick worked and William later married the girl!